fredag 18 oktober 2013

Rapport från verkligheten

Maeve O'Donoghue är tjejen som är voluntär på Mullingar pound.
Många av våra hundar har gått igenom hennes händer. Hon har ägnat många,många timmar åt att möta hundarna som kommer in, fotografera och ta reda på, sköta Mullingar Pounds sida på FB, svara och uppdatera på alla inlägg och uppdatera om vilka hundar som är i risksonen, leta platser på rescuecenters och försöka hitta platser åt hundarna att gå till för att undvika avlivning. Ragga skjuts till hundar kors och tvärs över landet, ordna med jourhem, vilket alltid är en bristvara Maeve är inte anställd utan voluntär!

Maeve har säker sett det mesta, men ibland blir det bara för mycket även för en rutinerad tjej som Maeve.
I förrgår kom han in boxern........har inte översatt då det är starka ord, hoppas ni kan läsa..

THESE PHOTOS ARE UPSETTING..please do not look at them if you are squeamish.
This boxer boy was brought in to the pound this morning when I was there by the person who found him. He said when he came in that the dog was in a bad way but nothing prepared us for what came in the door. So weak the warden had to go out and carry him in from the car. Barely able to walk, starved, puss running down his legs from the sores he has..all he weighs is 13kg!! Yet still he was open to cuddles a curled up in the corner under the heat lamp. One quick call to Chris and Ramona in Coolronan and an hour later he is off to the vet with them and tonight is in a warm bed with good food. The road to recovery will be a long one for him but hopefully those eyes will be showing a bit of spark again soon. He is a lovely gentle trusting boy and I really hope the fucker that owns him rots in hell for causing so much pain to a beautiful living creature. Thankfully there are people like Chris and Ramona out there who will do absolutely anything to save dogs like this poor guy. I can't thank them enough for dropping everything to come to the pound for him and to Tom for having the compassion so many other counties wardens seriously lack. I think its safe to say we are all grateful to have a warden who actually gives a shit about the dogs...
If you would like to donate towards this boys care Dog Rescue Coolronan have a paypal link on their page. Please help them out if you matter how small.

Boxern då han kom in.
Så två dagar senare ser världen lite ljusare ut för boxern som nu fått namnet Sidney.
Ramona skriver:
Sidney today  he is doing very well has taken to following me around the house and even came outside for a tiny walk. He is eating a little every few hours and took a bit of chicken out of my hand earlier so gently. Thanks so so much to everyone who has donated towards his vet care and food it's really appreciated everyone xxx

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